Complementary & Alternative Medicine Department

Call on : 022-6757-0111 Ext.754,756

In-Charge : Mrs.Jasmine Debara
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About Complementary & Alternative Medicine
The Complementary Medicine Department comprises of :
Ayurveda Department
Rejuvenating and Panchkarma treatments in consultation with leading Ayurvedic doctors.

Panchkarma Treatment - Ayurveda's primary purification and detoxification treatment under Shodhana. The treatments are usually administered by trained professionals under the watchful guidance of Consulting Doctors from the department, in the form of :
• Medicated oil based massages
• Herbal powder based massages
• Oil therapies
• Herbal facial massage
Some of the standard treatments are :
• Abhyangam & Abhyangam with Svedanam
• Udvartana with Svedanam
• Shirobhyangam
• Shirodhara
• Netra-tarpan
• Nasyam
• Karnapurana
• Mukhabhyangam
Wellness with Ayurveda

Gymnasium & Fitness Exercises
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Yoga/Power Yoga- To integrate your body and mind
Kick Boxing/Muay Thai -For self-defense and general fitness
Dietetics -The Science of Diet and Nutition
Steam & Sauna -Enjoy hot baths with health benefits
Full fledged homoeopathic department
with a panel of distinguished doctors
to offer an effective form of healing therapy.