Department of Neuro Surgery

We have a dedicated team of experts who believe and practice the art of preservation so much that “NOT A BIT IS LOST AT THE END OF THE SURGERY”. Nervous tissue preservation and clearance of diseased tissue under microscopic and neuro – endoscopic vision is a daily routine.

Our team is ever ready for vascular lesions both surgically and neuro interventionally. This department is assisted by a senior neuropathologist for tissue analysis.

  • Pituiting lesions and intraventricular lesions are tackled by neuroendoscopic procedures as a routine.
  • Neurovascular:- clipping, coiling, revascularization.
  • Skull Base:- All complex lesion are maximally targeted with utmost safety to nervous tissue.
  • Tumour Surgery is further made simple by use of ultrasonic aspirator and per-operative ultrasound assessment.
  • Spinal Lesions:- Both intradural (intramedullary and extramedullary) an extradural are precisely targeted by per-operative C-arm assistance.

We have fully equipped facility for surgical correction of movement disorder. Our trauma surgery for both brain and spine, results are augmented many folds by advance intensive care management and specially trained neuro-rehabilation team. Our automated air exchange in the wards and ICU, has given us near “ O% ” post-operative infections.

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